Team(s) Setup


We make it simple. Depending on how many we will be, we form a team (or teams!) on site. We will bring maps and all we need to make the leg-planning. You bring what you need to swim, and perhaps transportation; a car, or a bike (that can maybe also be used by somone who else in your team to make things smooth...).

Location: At the ferry bridge by Drottningholm.

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Swimmer Preparation and Relocation

Around 10:30

Making sure every swimmer knows where to swim, and where to go and wait for their turn to jump in. A car can assist to drive swimmers who do not have a bike or a car of their own. We will bring a map for evry swimmer.

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Starting at Drottningholm Brygga!

Around 11:00

In case we can create more than one team - swimmers who start on leg 1 will start at the same time. Teams will in that case be built to make every leg as "equal" as possible / similar pace. One kayak (me) will follow swimmers during the whole race with a goPro Camera to create marketing material for next years "real" race! A car can drive swimmers to their next leg, or back to their starting point in case they need to pick up the bike.

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Finish at Stadshusparken!

Around 16:00

About 11 km later we can expect swimmer(s) to reach Stadshusparken around 16:00. All other participants are waiting at the shore!